Residential Patrol

We at Unrivalled take our responsibility to ensure you are safe in any given environment, with the unfortunate increase in burglaries in neighbourhoods residential patrols have become a growing demand over the years. If there is one place you should always feel safe, that is your home, with your family.

The inconvenience of damage to your property or theft is stress that can be avoided. We have a team of fully licensed and highly trained giving you peace of mind, our officers are personable, discreet and highly professional, ensuring the utmost protection and discretion.

Our service ensures you feel safe when at home, or your mind is at ease if you are away on business or pleasure knowing that there is a team to safe guard your assets & property.

The style of patrol that you want can be tailored to meet your requirements, some clients would prefer high visibility whist others may want a discrete presences, the service is in accordance to your lifestyle and needs by providing a complete security package that is un-intrusive. The Unrivalled team will identified & define the best package for you.