We at Unrivalled Security Services use fully SIA certified CCTV operators whom come with extensive operational experience monitoring CCTV cameras in and around commercial, residential and public sites across the London area.

Our services a bespoke to your company’s needs, there is a wide range of CCTV surveillance security services that we can provide you to fit into your business requirements. The officers are trained to work as part of a team or on their own either from a secure office on site or if needed they can work remotely.

The officers have great attention to detail, ensuring nothing is missed, monitoring any type of system, they can monitor multiple visual device units (VDU’s) instantaneously. Being vigilant at all times, they can identify any suspicious behaviour and immediately notify the police, after assessing the situation they are in a position to see if it’s safe and permissible they can act themselves.

Other duties our SIA CCTV operators may undertake include:

Answering and logging telephone calls and messages
Performing a roaming patrol of the premises (where necessary) Including car parks and communal areas
restricting access to “off-limits” or private areas

We at Unrivalled adhere to a strict professional code of conduct, which is instilled in our staff. As a part of the data protection act and our company policy our officers remain truly professional at all times, never discussing what they may have witnessed outside of the company.